The McKnight Yearbook Information:


Memories are made to be remembered. Don't miss your chance to relive McKnight's greatest achievements, highlights, and moments by purchasing our high quality, hardcover yearbook. Buy your student this essential keepsake to make the 2021-2022 school year unforgettable!
Want to congratulate your child on a great year? Thank a special teacher? Give a shout-out to friends? For just $5 you can submit a 100 character message which will be printed on a special page in the back of the yearbook. The proceeds from "shout-out" sales are used to provide free yearbooks for students who may not be able to otherwise afford one and also to cover expenses of advertising the yearbook sale (i.e. posters and flyers).
(Example) Sally Z. - Congratulations on a great 1st grade year! Love, Mom and Dad
If you have a Shout-out longer than 100 characters, please choose a quantity of 2 and continue the message in the second box.  (*Please note: For formatting purposes, your message must begin with the name of the individual the message is for. Please do not use emojis as they are not supported at this time. Please do not type in all CAPS and be sure to proofread your message for errors. We will not accept messages longer than 100 characters unless you purchase multiple quantities.) 
If you have any questions, please contact the Yearbook Committee at