Donation Drive 

The PFA sponsors many programs and activities for our students, parents, and staff. Please support the PFA to make these programs and activities possible. Every dollar directly supports our McKnight community! 


The 2020-2021 school year will be quite different but the PFA is still here to support McKnight Elementary students & staff! The PFA will not have the same expenses for this school year as there has been in the past because of pandemic restrictions. However, the PFA will still have expenses and is committed to supporting the school in any way possible. 


In the past, a suggested donation of $40 for a family with one student or $75 for a family with more than one student was requested based on cost of field trips, assemblies, classroom parties/projects and fun social events. However, since most of those activities will be eliminated this year we are asking you to contribute what you can to help the PFA still provide staff appreciation, classroom project support, classroom wish list items for teachers, holiday party budget for teachers and hopefully some fun social events when restrictions have eased. 


 All donations are greatly appreciated! You will receive an email confirming your donation. Please keep that email for reporting your taxes. Your donation is tax deductible. 



All donations are greatly appreciated!



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